What Happens In This House

What Happens is a revolution against the practice of hiding and denying the shame of our abuse and of all of the pain we endure behind closed doors. What Happens screams the darkest thoughts of the victims hiding in plain sight — denouncing the notion of minding our business and standing by idly, respecting our neighbor’s “right” to suffer in silence. It exposes the need for us to share our struggle in order to help each other.

As Dominique recounts her journey, she sheds light on the abuse as well as the way out; the road of never turning back. What Happens turns hopeful as Dominique describes how she has come to intimately understand what factors are critical to a healthy relationship, the most important being your own sense of self-worth and self-respect. While she cautions that no relationship is perfect, she inspires the reader to seek something even more desirable than perfection, something real.

Perfection becomes a symbol of the hiding and denial of the past which is not to be trusted. Instead, readers come to prioritize the 5 factors she discovered were critical in her first healthy relationship. Through What Happens, Dominique helps her readers recognize the attitudes and habits that have normalized abuse and caused it to become the unspeakable issue that it is. Her honesty draws readers in; in turn, readers are challenged to tell the uncomfortable truth and then do something about it.

We helped Dominique set up a custom WordPress website to feature her book, herself, events, and press-related media. Go check it out!

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August, 2016

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