Christie Perham Interiors

Christie Perham Interiors is a local interior design firm that specializes in home remodeling, redecorating, window treatments, and paint color consultation. We’ve been working with CPI for a few years now – our relationship started back in 2012 when we designed the first iteration of their website. Since then, we’ve been working with Christie on email marketing, setting up her Facebook presence, and updating the portfolio on her website.

This summer, we’ve been working together to bring her a whole new web experience. We started with the design of the website… we’ve given it a complete makeover, focusing on the keywords “simple” and “bold”. We wanted the website to have clean lines, a lot of whitespace, and to be image-heavy (after all, that’s why people visit her site – to see images of her work!). After we nailed-down the design for the new site, we worked with the functionality – both for end-users and for the administrative side of things. Previously, visitors were greeted with the standard homepage design – a welcome message, overview of her services, and a large rotating slider at the top. This time, we put the portfolio categories right on the homepage – so visitors have one less click to see her work.

We also made it easy for Christie to update the website herself to update her portfolio and all of the text on her homepage and about page – without having to code anything. It’s as easy as typing a status update on Facebook and uploading images to her portfolio is as easy as sending an attachment in an email!

Project Date

August, 2014

interior design, portfolio, web development