Just Chillin’

For the past few months, we worked with Just Chillin’, a micro-fridge rental business operated by the Young Entrepreneurs’ Society at Juniata College. The club came to us asking for a website where customers could reserve and pay for a micro-fridge rental. We wanted the site to be as simple as possible, because there’s really only two goals: 1) convince the customer to choose this business to rent from, and 2) order a unit online.

The one-page design allows us to ensure the visitor is getting the content we want them to see, in the order we want them to see it. The page starts out by explaining who the company is (a club at Juniata College) so the visitor immediately knows where their money is going. Next, we explain the perks of renting from this company, in hopes the visitor will choose Just Chillin’ for their rental unit. After that, we display a listing of frequently asked questions to clear-up any confusion the visitor may have. Next, we provide an easy way for the customer to place an order online.

The really cool part of this project was integrating Podio into their order form. Podio is an online tool that allows you to keep track of things (in the simplest of terms). We helped Just Chillin’ create an “orders” app in Podio that allows them to track each customer’s payment information, room information (so they know where to deliver the unit), and even the fridge and microwave’s serial numbers. Anything they want to know about a rental unit can be found on Podio. The rental form on the website inserts the customer’s order directly into Podio, completely eliminating the use of unnecessary emails.

Project Date

August, 2014

api, podio, web development