balanced athletics

balanced athletics was the first site we developed that incorporated some more advanced features like online event registration. We developed the site using WordPress, which powers around 20% of the entire internet. Choosing WordPress to run a site like balanced athletics was a no-brainer. It allowed us to incorporate various features like SEO optimization and event registration and PayPal integration pretty easily.

balanced athletics customers now have the ability to create an online account where they can see every event they’ve registered for, print out an invoice, or even a PDF with a qr-code ticket. Event attendees can bring their smartphone or printed ticket and balanced athletics staff have the ability to scan and check-in attendees into their events.

We’ve also made it easier for balanced athletics to capture client email addresses for future promotional materials. When an attendee registers for an event, they receive an email inviting them to subscribe to balanced athletic’s MailChimp account. Based on the type of event (field hockey, girls b fit, etc…) they are added to a group in MailChimp. This allows balanced athletics to easily send targeted email campaigns to previous and current customers.

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December, 2013

E-Commerce, Web
balanced athletics, ecommerce, field hockey, online store